About KIÖRI Perfume Oil

KIÖRI was created with the unwavering desire to create a perfume oil that is cozy, seductive, and inviting.

KIÖRI is a soft oriental scent. It is a sumptuous blend of dark vanilla, patchouli, delicate blossoms and other proprietary ingredients. KIÖRI perfume utilizes ingredients known for their aphrodisiac properties.

KIÖRI perfume oil is a beautiful, handcrafted composition of pure perfume, resins and essential oils from the plant world. Instead of unhealthy additives, we use natural jojoba oil as a carrier oil and provide you with a preservative free product. This will greatly reduce allergic reactions for those who are sensitive to commercial perfumes.

KIÖRI is extremely concentrated and will be very long lasting on the skin.  Our perfume oil blooms beautifully all day and reveals its many layers during its wear.

We hope you love this precious perfumed oil.